Urban Homesteading

Urban HomesteadingWhat Is Urban Homesteading

Every day you’re being subjected to poisons and you don’t even realize it. You have no choice in this face up until recently. Right now urban homesteading is starting to sweep the nation in full force as people are rounding up heirloom seeds two by fours and gardening supplies in an attempt to become self sufficient. Urban homesteading is about breaking yourself away from todays super markets that support the growing of GMOs. We’re trying to escape the billion dollar mega corporation’s choke hold on the food industry as they only care about profit margins and IPOs.

What Are We In Threat Of

Craft Like This is always under threat of being shut down by the government as they see informative website like this one as a threat themselves. It’s a fact that particular “mega corporations” that we’re in fear of naming sue websites like this one once every every week just to prove a point. These law suits are included but not limited to website owners like myself and farmers who’s files get contaminated by GMOs.

What Are GMOs

GMOs or genetically modified organisms is food that has been changed and altured to “yield” higher returns on investments for farmer’s crops. It is also known that these GMOs are to be “drought resistant,” but so far these promises by “mega corporations” have not been satisfied. In turn this will directly effect your health as the crops are also treated with pesticide and weed killers that are cancerous. These case studies have been done on rats in the UK.

GMOs are literally everywhere. In your home, in your grocery store, in your cupboards and there is almost nothing you can do about it to avoid it except urban homesteading and urban farming.

What We Do

Craft Like This is a referral and educational blog that can point you out in the right direction at getting started on your urban homestead. We know that it’s difficult to organic farm especially if you live in an apartment. Therefore the only thing you can do is learn urban homesteading.

Feel free to share any content that we have on our website with your friends as it could potentially be life saving and save them a ton of money on shopping at the grocery market. We hope you find our content useful and if you have content to share with our website feel free to share in in at our submit content page. Thank you for stopping by.

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