Original Halloween Costumes and Ideas for Kids! No Sew Ideas.

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is trying to come up with quick and original Halloween costumes for parties, Trick or Treat, and school functions. Why spend tons of money on a prefab costume, which many others have purchased? Halloween can be very costly, especially if you have several children. Think out of the […]

homemade heater

Homemade Heater

With temperatures forecasted at 0° and lower here in Nebraska, Seth and I have been looking for ways to cut costs on our electric bill. It seems like their ‘discounted’ rates aren’t seeming to help us very much! Since the temperatures are so cold here and our door has a small gap at the top, […]


Marquee Letters

Have you noticed a pattern with my glitter letters? I just absolutely love them! They have such a classy yet fun look to them! I love how these letters have the extra kick with ornaments glued into them. I’m sure I could find some cheap mini ornaments this time of year… Marquee Letters


75 DIYs Under $5

DIYs for days! This list of DIYs will have you busy for days…weeks….possibly even months! The best part? Each DIY will cost you less than $5!!! That’s my idea of a good time! Check it out for yourself and Happy DIYing!!! 75 DIYs Under $5

reindeer ornament

DIY Reindeer Ornament

This is such an adorable memento ornament! It is super easy to make, and you can remember your cute little fingerprints for the rest of forever. 🙂 You will need: White Round Ornament Various colors of Paint To Make: Take some brown paint and put a small dab on a plate. Carefully dip one finger […]

Ornament Centerpiece

If you are like Seth and I, you are scrambling to find just the perfect centerpiece for Christmas dinner. (I’m just thankful we aren’t hosting this year!) We found this beautiful centerpiece using ornaments and, surprisingly, a toilet paper roll! Follow the link below and send us pictures of how yours turns out! Ornament Centerpiece