Natural Multi-Purpose Household DIY Cleaning Products

How much money do you figure you spend on chemically produced household cleaners a month? Let’s think about it! The average person purchases a numerous amount of cleaning supplies for individual household surfaces. You’ve got your glass cleaner, tile cleaner, furniture polish, toilet cleaner, carpet disinfectant, and whatever you might use as a general disinfectant […]

dishwasher tablets

DIY Dishwasher Tablets

Seth and I look for every way to pinch pennies. We made our own laundry soap, built an herb garden, budget absolutely everything, and even make our own bread. If we are spending all that time finding ways to save money, why wouldn’t we just make our own dishwasher detergent?! This recipe is quick and […]


How To Make “Almost” Any Dish Soap

In my past experiences making soap has been a hard (and tasking) job. But I guess I’ve never tried to make my own liquid soap. I’ve glanced over these recipes and this DIY seems pretty easy. I wouldn’t mind giving this a whack at next weekend when I have some down time. Thanks to […]


How To Get A Professional Carpet Clean Without The Professional Price

Learning how to clean carpets is as easy as running a rug Doctor over a stained area anymore, it doesn’t take a professional to clean carpets. However it does take a professional to know what to use in the soap solution to deodorize and effectively clean your carpets. Below is one homemade way you can […]