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Self Sufficient Living

At Craft Like This you’ll find the community that you have been looking for. Our mission is to help everyone find a diy or a method of helping them get off the grid. We do this by contently finding content on self sufficient living. A lot of people don’t know what that really means though, and We’re going to define that for you right now. Self sufficient living isn’t just something you research like we do here at Craft Like This, it’s something that you actively do on a daily basis.

Urban Homesteading

Urban homesteading is just one form of self sufficient living that we discuss at Craft Like This. Urban homesteading is learning how to use the space in your urban home to maximize it’s cultivating potential. You can achieve this by doing various diys to make your home sustainable such as: rain water collection systems, underground and overhead watering systems, growing organic heirloom seeds and much more. You can click the title “urban homesteading” and find out more on this topic.

Frugal Living

Self sufficient living also means trying to live frugally. When I started my adventure of learning how to make an urban homestead and raising chickens and learning how to cultivate my urban land, it all spawned off from trying to be thrifty. I’ve achieved this personally by making my own soaps and different cosmetics, to growing my own vegetables.

We have an excellent page category on frugal living and I always encourage you to go check that out and many other categories we have. It’s truly amazing what you can achieve on Craft Like This. We’re always looking for content to help our viewers live an easy life and live it frugally. It’s really been my mission to help anyone I make it to having their first urban homestead/homestead or to be a little bit more frugal because everything is simply over priced.

I feel like it’s stupid to pay for something that you can easily make in your own home. I really don’t care if it’s making your own alcohol, it’s important to be holistic in our society these days. With the introduction of GMOs who know what’s in our food anymore, I swear the food we eat anymore is poison and it’s turning our children into monsters.

There is florid in our water, it’s not enough to kill us, but just enough to calcify your penile gland, that’s not a good thing. It’s important to keep visiting our website as we discuss things like this because there are issues in our country that are not being addressed and are being ignored. Be someone who’s doing what we do every day. Self sufficient living is nothing to be ashamed of.


At Craft Like This, we’re not big prepping heads, but we do believe in it. Prepping anymore isn’t just for the end of the world. It’s now expanded

into the events in life that are unexpected, like hurricanes and natural disasters. It’s important to have the survival skills necessary to survive when a situation like this happens, or when SHTF.

You know that it’s a problem when citizens have lost the fundamental skill of survival. All animals are born with the skill to survive and thrive in the wilderness, humans are anymore not geared that way. If you’re going to be a prepper feel free to check out our prepping category that we have. You might learn a thing or to from there and find a skill in there like “how to break out of a zip tie.” Information like that is very useful, prepper or not.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Anymore our diy category our self sufficient living/homesteading category are slowly merging together, but there are still distinct difference between the two. Where self sufficient living is the ability to live off the grid in a holistic fashion, DIY is the method that you’re using to get to the sustainable lifestyle we all dream of. DIY has expanded into major categories from cosmetics to building solar panels and both are good skills to have.

DIY is actually who Craft Like This all started in the first place, all the other categories listed above are things that we found ourselves getting into on accident, but diy is where all of our articles and re-posts started. Think about it, if you cant make your own diy soap, you’re not prepared, you’re not living frugally, you’re not living sustainably and you’re most certainly not an urban homesteader.

I hope you guys enjoy the content on my blog and find out that it can actually be used. Our goal ins’t to make this the worlds greatest website and hub for information based on sustainable living but rather just a guide for your life into the epic adventure of living frugally and off the grid. Thanks For Stopping By! – Team Craft Like This

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