DIYs And Frugal Living

 DIYs Explained

Craft Like This is dedicated to bringing you quality diys for the sake of a frugal homestead. We believe that it is our goal to help you

  1. Find money saving tips and diys
  2. Get off the grid
  3. and Keep you independent from conventional living methods

What DIYs Can Do For You

It’s through the practice of diys where we can achieve real happiness. Take me for instance, I find real joy in feeding my family homegrown vegetables that I know are not tainted with pesticides and herbicides. It’s a real downer when the country you depend on is feeding you cancerous things and marking up prices so ridiculously high, that it makes it almost impossible to live comfortably.

Through diys or “doing it your self,” we can achieve great things like building additions to our houses and saving money on making your own laundry soap versus buying it from the grocery store. I’ve saved over $100.00 A YEAR by making my own better quality laundry soap and after that one diy I never looked back.

 Ranting About DIYs

If you’ve read this page up to this point I must ask you a simple question. Do you really feel free and independent? Because it seems to me that though all the “freedom” we so called have as American citizens we’re not free to decide the price of gas the cost of electricity and the outrageous prices on organic living. It should be our birth right to dictate to the corporations what we want to pay for groceries, not the other way around.

The fact is we are not free. I pay out the yin yang to live in this country and it’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love America and the social freedoms we hold, but I cannot identify with a country that is deliberately poisoning our food supply and capitalizing on commodities forcing most people to live pay check to pay check.

I bet you’re probably wondering by now what is with all this non sense I’m reading. Let me answer that. In the early 1900’s man did everything for them selves. Let’s call the practice of doing things yourself “diys.” Now over time man in America got lazy on us and decided to let the mega corporations and contractors to do the work for them. Yes it takes the inconvenience our of having to do things yourselves, but in turn we forgot our roots and ways of surviving.

I hope to educate you that you don’t need a contractor, all you need is internet access and a box full of tools and Craft Like This can help you become that independent and free person. Let’s pick up our hammers and let’s start building things like solar panels and sustainable gardens. Let’s start making our own natural and organic products, not products there were shipped to us from China. Let’s start doing more diys.

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