How To Make a Refillable Bullet Pen

This makes for a really cool gift idea. This pen is made from bullet casing from a 30-06 rifle round. It’s easy to make and (as the title suggests) you can refill the pen at any time. Learn how to make this wonderful craft by clicking the link below, or you can just head on […]


Turn Your Beer Bottles Into Glass Cups – Upcycling

This easy diy is great for any bachelor pad and is done in only 5 easy steps. that I’m going to list below now. Tie a knot around a thick beer bottle above the label Remove the tied string around the beer bottle and soak it in lighter fluid Place lighter fluid soaked string back […]


Plastic Cup Lamp Upcycle

This is truly a nice way to reduce reuse and recycle. All you have to do is glue some plastic cups to make this really cool cup lamp diy. Also make sure that you only use an electronic light bulb during this diy because regular light bulbs will melt your cup lamp you just made. […]

homemade heater

Homemade Heater

With temperatures forecasted at 0° and lower here in Nebraska, Seth and I have been looking for ways to cut costs on our electric bill. It seems like their ‘discounted’ rates aren’t seeming to help us very much! Since the temperatures are so cold here and our door has a small gap at the top, […]