DIY Solar Thermal Water Heater

Oh how the pioneers wish they had the technology we do now. This solar thermal water heater is going to heat up your water for you in no time at all, however I’m unaware of how effective it is, it still would be a good idea to have this when SHTF. The sacrifice of luxury […]

The Age Old Secret To White Teeth

Whitening your teeth is an age old technique that come in many forms and before I show you this recipe, let me tell you, I’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing works better than this frugal method. You probably have the ingredients laying around your house right now, and you don’t even realize it. […]


10 Inexpensive Ways to Build Your Wardrobe

I’m one of those guys who cant justify spending $300 on a suit jacket. It’s ridiculous, you spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of clothing you know you’re only going to wear a few times in your life and then it’s going to collect dust in your closet, this stuff is for the birds. […]

altoids tin

22 Awesome Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin

I’ve seen some pretty crafty things during my days a blogger and I think this one is by far one of the craftiest. You see when I have an empty Altoids tin I see garbage and other tech nerds out there see art and this is why I do not have an Altoids LED flashlight. […]


DIY Clean and Fresh Air With Essential Oils

DIY: Clean and fresh air with essential oils   The cleaning every week is your guarantee that your home is free from all the dirt, bacteria and germs that have collected over the days. Making your inner environment clean is not enough, however, to keep the air in your property also fresh and cleansed. An […]

The Incredible DIY Confetti Cannon

I feel like this video that I’m posting in the link below is not getting enough attention. This diy confetti cannon is super easy to make and takes little effort. You can have this cannon made up in as little as an hour with the right research. That’s why I’m posting this video, it does […]

Paper plate upcycle!

Paper plate upcycle After I’ve seen this, I feel like I’ve wasted so many paper plates over the years. I could have been changing them into something as cool as this. I’m just going to have to never throw anything away, because the second I throw it away, like a toilet paper roll, there’s an […]