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7 Primitive Survival Shelters

If you found yourself in a situation where SHTF and you have no place to live what would you do? I know that I would want to find shelter fast along side with food and water. To survive an Apocalypse of any kind you need to surround yourself with the tools skills and knowledge to […]


How to Survive a Bear Attack

How To Survive a Bear Attack First  I would like to start off this by please do more research if you’re reading this article. I cannot stress enough how knowledge can save you especially if you’re trying to survive a bear attack. Bears are one of the larges land mammals to ever walk the earth. […]


How to Dry Firewood

How to Dry Firewood Weather you cut your own or order it from your local farm, you need to dry your moist fire wood and that task is going to require just a little bit of research. Taking all things into consideration there is the grand, efficient and feasible method of air drying your wood […]

homemade water distiller

DIY Homemade Water Distiller

Distilled Water Scared of floride and other nasty chemicals/drugs being inside your water?At Craft Like This we have the perfect solution for that: Distilled water. Before I get into discussing how to make your very own homemade water filter let’s discuss some of the advantages of distilled water. Distilled water contains now impurities which is just […]