celery rose stamp

Make stamps from fruit – fast and fun craft with kids

Making stamps out of fruit.  Good wholesome fun. But it needn’t been painstaking apple carvings, check out these four fantastic easy, fun ideas.   Make flowers from okra. I know – doesn’t this seem just the easiest of ideas? Cut the okra, push it on the stamp pad and flower away!(photo credit Buzz Feed) Just use […]


Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Snack Trays – Delicious Appetizers You Won’t Be Able To Refuse!

The aroma of a well seasoned turkey can lure your children (and perhaps husband) into the kitchen. Keeping little fingers out of the pot, while making Thanksgiving Dinner, can be tricky. A well made snack tray could entice your little ones (and bigger one) away from the kitchen and out from under your feet. Sure, […]


Natural Multi-Purpose Household DIY Cleaning Products

How much money do you figure you spend on chemically produced household cleaners a month? Let’s think about it! The average person purchases a numerous amount of cleaning supplies for individual household surfaces. You’ve got your glass cleaner, tile cleaner, furniture polish, toilet cleaner, carpet disinfectant, and whatever you might use as a general disinfectant […]

25 ways to organize

25 Ways To Organize Your Home

I know that me and Miranda could take a tip or two when it comes to organization. This article has some interesting ideas when it comes to keeping your home neat and tidy. With 25 different organizational methods, I hope you can find one that absolutely works for you. I remember back when I cleaned […]

oak slab

Oak Slab Bookshelf DIY

I saw this diy and now I want to make it. (Just like every diy I come across.) This person made a bookcase out of these oak slabs that he/she “found” just laying around. Now I’m not a rocket scientist but, I don’t think you just find perfectly cut oak slabs just chilling outside, and […]

milk soap

Coconut Milk Soap DIY

This is a great soap to try! This is for you preppers and you urban homesteaders out there! If you don’t know how to make your own soap, than you’re failing at being a homesteader! It’s so simple to do and the link that I’m going to share with you below will guide you right […]


24 Creative Gardening Container Ideas

I’m big into adding splashes of color in my garden, but this takes it to the next level. I now realize that if you’re looking to get color in your garden, do not sell yourself short by just only adding it in colorful flowers, but use color containers as well. Give your containers character too […]


8 Raised Gardening Bed Ideas

If there is one thing in life that I don’t think I can get enough of is sustainable living techniques and urban homesteading, and by that I mean different ways of using the space that is given to you and cultivating while saying “screw you government! I’m not going to eat your GMO infected food!” […]

bronzing body butter

Bronzing Whipped Body Butter

Bronzing Whipped Body Butter When I  read this body butter diy I said “what the heck!?” This body butter diy is so holistic and good for you, that you’ll want to eat it. I don’t recommend it, but the ingredients are just that good for you. Next thing is, I don’t know of any ingredients […]