Natural Multi-Purpose Household DIY Cleaning Products

How much money do you figure you spend on chemically produced household cleaners a month? Let’s think about it! The average person purchases a numerous amount of cleaning supplies for individual household surfaces. You’ve got your glass cleaner, tile cleaner, furniture polish, toilet cleaner, carpet disinfectant, and whatever you might use as a general disinfectant […]

hidden stash ideas

2 fantastic Hidden Stash Ideas

Looking for some safe hiding places? Whether it’s a set of spare keys you’re trying to hide or some money, you need to find a way of storing it secretly. I’m going to show hidden stash ideas to keep your food and money out of sight and out of mind. #1 Bottle Rock This one is very […]

horseshoe pit

Diy Horseshoe Pit

It’s that time of year again crafters! So lets dust off our coolers and grab some beer because it’s going to be a great time with your new horseshoe pit. You can find all of the details and information in the link that I’m going to post at the bottom of the page. Make sure […]

make your own hot tub

How To Make Your Own Hot Tub

Let’s get something straight first: when you’re trying to make your own hot tub, it’s going to be a challenging task and things are going to be difficult, lets not kid ourselves as we’re going to need a lot of TPC to get this craft done. You’re going to have to do a ton of […]

homemade heater

Homemade Heater

With temperatures forecasted at 0° and lower here in Nebraska, Seth and I have been looking for ways to cut costs on our electric bill. It seems like their ‘discounted’ rates aren’t seeming to help us very much! Since the temperatures are so cold here and our door has a small gap at the top, […]

Airstone Inspiration

Airstone – Home Improvement Revolution

Air stone is a product made from 80% recycled materials and can make anything look like it’s made from natural stone. Airstone’s natural look gives but light weight design means that it can almost be placed anywhere in your home. Airstone turns a DIYers, home improvement nightmare into something that’s more of a pleasant walk […]


Freeze Be Gone

Lately in Nebraska, we have been waking up to temperatures near zero…if we are lucky. Sometimes, such as this morning, the temperature was below zero. It’s been one of those seasons where you just really don’t want to get out of bed, get dressed, or walk outside. The dogs don’t even want to go out! […]