How To Easily Make Homemade Oatmeal Soap For Acne Relief

Ever wonder why you wash and you wash and you wash your face; yet, you still have acne? You apply moisturizers, use daily cleaning cloths to remove makeup and purchase expensive acne treatments. Nonetheless, the acne is still there and possibly worse than ever. You try a variety of techniques and suggestions from friends, family […]


Homemade Sunscreen DIY

I know that this post got out to you guys a little late, especially if you live out there in Arizona. For all of you pasty skinned folks this here is a simple yet frugal way of getting your skin to love the sun. This recipe will have you looking like less of a lobster […]


Hangover Remedy

  The Ultimate Hangover Remedy Okay so Friday was not one of Seth’s famous “not so proud moments.” Drinking  heavily leads to only one result and that’s getting a very bad hang over and as we know the only true cure for hangovers is not to drink at all, BUT I REFUSE TO STOP DRINKING! […]

homemade heater

Homemade Heater

With temperatures forecasted at 0° and lower here in Nebraska, Seth and I have been looking for ways to cut costs on our electric bill. It seems like their ‘discounted’ rates aren’t seeming to help us very much! Since the temperatures are so cold here and our door has a small gap at the top, […]

refill deo

Never Pay For Deodorant Again, Just Refill

Replacing your deodorant can get expensive after awhile and spry deodorant can get up to $4.00 a can! That adds up really fast! It would be more worth your time to just read this article and refill your own deodorant. Everything in this deodorant recipe contains all natural ingredients such as baking soda essential oils. […]

makeup remover

DIY Make-Up Remover

I go through so many make-up remover wipes in a year that I could probably fill a 5 gallon bucket or two. Rather than buying those expensive wipes, though, I found this amazing DIY for make-up remover! Ladies, you can decide for yourself how you like these but they certainly make my skin feel better! […]

The Essentials of Sugar Scrub

No it’s not rocket science; it’s beauty science. Making a good sugar scrub for your own personal use can be an easy task with the right guidance. Here we’re going to break down “base” ingredients. Base ingredients allows you to get the fundamentals down and directs you into making better and more advanced recipes. So […]