oak slab

Oak Slab Bookshelf DIY

I saw this diy and now I want to make it. (Just like every diy I come across.) This person made a bookcase out of these oak slabs that he/she “found” just laying around. Now I’m not a rocket scientist but, I don’t think you just find perfectly cut oak slabs just chilling outside, and […]

bronzing body butter

Bronzing Whipped Body Butter

Bronzing Whipped Body Butter When I ┬áread this body butter diy I said “what the heck!?” This body butter diy is so holistic and good for you, that you’ll want to eat it. I don’t recommend it, but the ingredients are just that good for you. Next thing is, I don’t know of any ingredients […]

how to get 46 meals with $95

How To Get 46 Meals For $95

46 Meals, $95, Unlimited Possibilities If you don’t know frugal living than yo don’t know Craft Like This. We’re all about trying to find you guys the best of the best when it comes to saving money. If you pay attention to all of the posts we find out there you can really be on […]

10 ways to build an emergency fund

10 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund

If I asked you where your emergency fund is located, where would it be? Under your mattress or in a safe? I have a better questions: how much money have you saved in the event that SHTF and your car is broken down or your sick and need a doctor? Do you know that most […]

organic ant poison diy

Organic Ant Poison DIY

It’s that time of year where we start planting our gardens and get ready to do some real work and grow some amazing plants to help us survive yet another year. I hope that all your endeavors are worth the struggle and I pray that your harvest this year is plentiful. May God light your […]


7 Ingredients 20+ DIY Beauty Recipes

You know I’ve made sugar scrubs from olive oil and brown sugar that help exfoliate the skin and make it feel nice and soft but some of the things that you can find in this article are astounding! Who knew that so many great things can come from simple natural and organic ingredients. I hope […]

organic weed killer

Homemade organic Weed Killer

Homemade Organic Weed Killer There is nothing more frustrating that weeds eating up your lawn and garden. I must of spent hours picking up weeds in peoples lawns trying to make a buck and it is ridiculous. I feel like weeds are a waste of time and effort, but if you don’t get them done […]

gardening hacks

12 Edible Gardening Hacks

Some of the best tips and tricks can be found in this article. Gardening hacks are the easy way of growing your urban homestead nice and full of all sorts of edible things. You will learn anything from how to grow herbs in a jar to save space, using bottles as planters and cheap direct […]