Home Hack: Make more use of your dishwasher

Do you see that last piece of the word ‘dishwasher’ – that’s right – yes it washes dishes but it does so much more for you too. Start looking at it as more than just a washer for your everyday pots and pans, cups and cutlery. Better use of your dishwasher can help your home […]

plastic egg terrarium

Plastic Egg Terrariums – Easter Craft

Now this is what I call fantastic Easter craft. Imagine giving this as a home made Easter gift? Building a plastic egg terrarium is easy and festive! What else would you give as a gift on Easter right? Okay I know that these days kids get pyjamas, toys and other Easter paraphernalia – but this […]

celery rose stamp

Make stamps from fruit – fast and fun craft with kids

Making stamps out of fruit.  Good wholesome fun. But it needn’t been painstaking apple carvings, check out these four fantastic easy, fun ideas.   Make flowers from okra. I know – doesn’t this seem just the easiest of ideas? Cut the okra, push it on the stamp pad and flower away!(photo credit Buzz Feed) Just use […]

dog coat

Dog Jacket

Seth and I have small dogs with very little hair….well at least Kira has very little hair. With the weather being chilly, the puppies love their coats. This pattern from Compulsive Craftiness is amazing. Since the pattern is for her 10 pound dog, if I print it out at 70% for Kira and Butt, then […]

craft with benefits!

New E-Book For All Crafting Fans!

Hey everyone, we have a very special announcement here at! After months of writing, editing, and building, we are excited about our BRAND NEW E-BOOK, Crafts with Benefits!  The best part? From now until the end of the year, the book will be priced only at $2.99! [button title=”Click here to Purchase!” icon=”” icon_position=”center” […]