Spring Craft ideas for Kids – a flower focus

Spring craft – making some flowers

We love the turn of seasons. Not only does it change things up a bit, but it gives us a different focus for craft with the kids. Spring craft is full of bright colours, moving us out of winter and into fresh ideas. We’re focusing on flowers today. Flower craft is great, as it is often fast and easy – perfect for those with short attention spans!

Planning on making all? Click to the end, for our shopping list (don’t worry – it’s short!)

Here is our top picks of Spring Craft Flower ideas.

  1. Rainbow Flowers. flowerinstruction

    This piece of craft is so cute – it is from Twitchetts.com

    You will need :

  • Coloured paper – construction paper is best as it is a little heavier than others. One sheet from each color of the rainbow and one sheet of white.
  • Scissors.
  • rainblowflowerscraftPen or Marker.
  • Glue Stick.Read the instructions here ->


    2. The cutest Daisy flowers!

    easydaisyOh we love these. And these are simple and bright from easypeasyfun!

You will need:

  • circle paper punch – or you can just cut out circles. Seriously though – if you buy one of these, you will use it ALL the time!
  • paper in a variety of colors (regular print paper or again, construction paper is good.)
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • glue
  • green paper drinking straws 
  • tape  – clear or patterned.

Read the instructions here ->


3. Tissue Paper flowers (great for the littlies!)tissueflower

This one is great for the toddlers. Simply download this template, grab colored tissue paper, and off you go!


We found this one on the messforless website – they give full instructions, but it’s a pretty simple one.

You will need:

Enjoy making!



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