Olympics craft ideas – Olympic rings – kids and adult craft

We LOVE the Olympics in my home. It’s the only time when it’s okay for the TV to be on 24/7.

So why not get going on some Olympics craft?

We have done a round of on the web of some fantastic Olympics themed craft ideas

  1. Olympic rings I – EASY

Paper plates and paint are your friend.

Take 5 plates – paint them red, green, black, yellow and blue. Cut out the centre discs (hey – why not play discus with the middles), and voila! There you have it – your Olympic rings.

Photo thanks to meaningfulmama.com

2. Olympic rings II – VERY EASY

ringsPaint again, and this time either the end of cardboard tubes (from toilet rolls, kitchen paper), or use plastic cups or glasses.

I like this washable paint from Crayola; and these brushes from Melissa and Doug.

Simply dip the end of your tube in the paint and print out a ring. It is easier if you have one tube per colour otherwise the colours get a little bit messy.

You can either recreate the rings, or do art inspired by the rings.

If you know anyone with a birthday in this Olympic Games period, this makes awesome homemade wrapping paper!

3. Origame Olympic Rings – MEDIUM DIFFICULTY

origami_olympic_rings_460This is one that older children and adults can do on their own whilst the younger ones will need more help and supervision.

We have taken this one from the brilliant activityvillage.co.uk website.

To make it you will need

You will need:

  • 6 inch square origami paper – well you can get origame paper here, or cut your own. I find the origame one better for youngsters as it tends to do that nice crisp sharp crease. It’s actually not that expensive (see below). You’ll need red, green, black, blue and yellow.
  • Glue

Click here for the folding instructions.

You can find more craft to do with kids here ->

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