Make stamps from fruit – fast and fun craft with kids

Making stamps out of fruit.  Good wholesome fun. But it needn’t been painstaking apple carvings, check out these four fantastic easy, fun ideas.


  1. Make flowers from okra.

    I know – doesn’t this seem just the easiest of ideas? Cut the okra,
    push it on the stamp pad and flower away!(photo credit Buzz Feed)
    okra stamp

  2. Just use the apple – no intricate carving needed.

    Check out this idea from Just dip the whole half apple into the paint and you can make some fantastic fruit craft – such as this apple treeapple-stamping-tree-craft-for-kids (1)

  3. Who would have thought that roses come from celery?

    We just love this – who ever discovered it is a crafty fruity genius. Cut your celery near the bottom of the stalk, then paint where you have cut. When you stamp this, you’ll find a beautiful rose pattern. Paint paper, make your own beautiful wrapping paper with the kids, or even stamp cloth and make some lovely handmade gifts.
    This image is from craftberrybush.comcelery rose stamp

  4. Our last one is blueberries from cork.

    This one takes more effort – about 2 minutes more that is. This is still a fast craft idea with the kids (or just on your own – adults are allowed to do craft too!).
    Grab a couple of corks that are different sizes – put a little ‘x’ in the end of each cork. Cut another cork in half (for the leaf). Dip one in green, one in blue. Beautiful. Pictures for the kids, Fabric painting for you! Image from MarthaStewart.comcraft with fuit

You can buy paints here

You can buy sturdy craft paper here

You can buy fabric here (great for trying out paints!)

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