Balloon covered bottle – fast decoration idea

balloon bottle craft diy decoratingDecorating your house for a party and it just needs something extra? Something to lift how it looks?

Maybe you are hosting Christmas lunch or dinner this year and want something extra special for your table decoration.

How about when you are having a party outside on your verandah or deck and you really want to splash your theme across the whole area?

We have a fantastic idea that is fast, simple and cheap – AND it involves upcycling – which we love – it’s so simple – we don’t even really need to give you the ‘how-to-make’ steps.

You’ll need balloons, and small bottles. Experiment with your balloon and bottle size

It’s a balloon covered bottle.

  1. Buy Good Quality Balloons. The really cheap ones just won’t cut it for this craft
  2. Blow up your balloons as much as you can without popping them
  3. Once deflated, give them another really good stretch with your hands
  4. Turn the bottle upside down and stretch the balloon over
  5. Manipulate the balloon so that it sits tight – the looseness should be around the neck
  6. Push the excess balloon into the neck of the bottle

And that’s it! Think of the fun that you can have with different themed balloons – birthday numbers, halloween, Christmas, colours… – it’s endless!


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