Creative DIY Magic Crayon Creations for Kids!

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Each year around the end of summer, parents all over the world head out to the stores to purchase an abundance of school supplies. Some parents take a moment to sift through their child’s supplies from last year and salvage usable crayons, markers, folders and binders before they purchase anew. Lo and behold, they will usually come across a pencil box filled with…You got it! Crayons! Crayons! Crayons! Lots of broken, worn down crayons.

In fact, do you remember the 120 pack of crayonswith the built in sharpener on the back? I use to love those crayon boxes for my kids! However, that’s a lot of paper torn, broken in half, crayons by the end of a school year. What can parents do with all those crayons? Perhaps they pitch them in the garbage or maybe they keep a small collection for home use. When my children were very young, I use to gather the best crayons of each color and reuse them the following year, if possible, as well as keep a small collection of broken crayons for home use. Never-the-less, some would get thrown away.

Children love to be creative. Parents can help their child be creative and learn a great lesson on upcycling used crayons. DIY Magic Crayon Creation is a fun science project as well as a way to allow your child to burst with color creativity. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t cost anything and is so easy to do. Just follow these simple instructions to create beautiful; yet, outrageous new crayons.

Materials Needed:


Cupcake Pan

Cupcake Papers or Foils (optional to avoid mess)


1. Peal all the paper from each of the crayons.

2. Preheat oven at 200 degrees.

3. Line the cupcake pan with cupcake papers or foils.

4. Break crayons into small pieces, at no more than 1/2 inch long, for a nice color blend.

5. Place various colors of crayons in each foil or cupcake space. Fill only halfway with crayons.

diy crayons melting

6. Place cupcake pan in oven for 10 minutes or until the crayons have melted completely. Keep in mind that the thicker crayons may take longer.

diy crayons melt

7. Remove the pan and place it on a rack to cool.

8. Allow the crayons to cool completely.

diy crayons melt

9. If paper or foil was used, carefully remove it from Magic Crayon Creation.

Create a masterpiece! Whether you use these fancy new crayons horizontally or vertically, these upcycled crayons are sure to burst with a blend of beautiful colors.
Note: DIY Magic Crayon Creations may look like deliciously colorful Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but please don’t eat them! They will not be very tasty and teeth are not to be colored!

*You may also use cupcake style silicone baking sheets with shapes such as hearts, stars and etc…for a fun look.

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