Three Cool St. Patrick’s Day Snack And Drink Ideas

This St. Patrick’s Day, light up your child’s day by having one of these cool after school snacks ready for them. Not only are they delicious but they are easy to make too. These snacks are sure to make your child feel lucky and smile like a leprechaun. Got a school party coming up? Try some of these easy party treat ideas. Green M & M’s in a clear cup makes a great little treat. How about some green liquorish sticks sticking out of another clear plastic cup? Of course there is always those sweet little iced cookies you can pick up. These will surely be a St. Patty’s Day hit.


Shamrock Juice


Pineapple juice
Sparkling lemonade
Sparkling white grape juice
Lime popsicles
Green apples (*optional for decoration)

1. Add one part of each liquid into a cup or punch bowl.
2. Cut the popsicles into cubes but only add when ready to serve because they will melt. They give the drink a nice green color.


3. Thinly slice the green apple, just to the side of the core and use a shamrock cookie cutter to make an apple shaped shamrock.


4. Add the apple slice to the side of the cup or put several around a punch bowl.


Note: To keep the apple from browning, splash a little lemon/lime juice on it.

Leprechaun Punch


4 C. club soda
4 C. white cranberry juice
1 Can frozen green lime-aid
Lime sherbet
A few drops green food coloring

1. Simply add the club soda, white cranberry juice, frozen lime-aid and a few drops of food coloring into a punch bowl or container, one by one.
2. Add the desired amount of sherbet (the more sherbet you add, the thicker the juice).

Healthy Leprechaun Snack
Want a healthier snack? Try one of these fruit kabobs. All you need is wooden skewers, some honeydew melon, kiwi, green apples and green grapes. That’s a lot of green! Simply slice and dice your fruits and randomly skewer them.


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