Valentine craft: Make Your Own Valentine Gift Jars

How about some handmade love with our Valentine craft?

Hearts and flowers, poems and chocolates…All these things are a reminder of the holiday of love. Say, “I’m thinking of you” in a different way this year by making your own Valentine Gift Jars. These little jars are the perfect gift idea for your classmates, teachers, loved ones, children or just about anybody. They are so easy to make and can be very versatile. Don’t like chocolate? Use candy hearts. Don’t like candy hearts? Use red and white peppermint candy. Want a healthier choice than candies? Fill your Valentine Gift Jar with yogurt covered pretzels. The options are limitless. Go nuts! Or…yogurt covered raisins!

Candy Heart Jar


Materials Needed:
Any size glass jar (mason jars work well)
Red and white twine
Candy hearts
* (optional) Tag and sharpie

How To:
1. Fill jar with candy hearts and replace lid.
2. Wrap red and white twine around rim of lid. Tie or use a spot of hot glue to secure.
3. Personalize and add tag.

See-Through Heart Jar


Materials Needed:
Any size glass jar (mason jars work well)
Wide masking tape
Spray paint (red, white, or gold)
Red and white printed material

How To:
1. Apply a piece of wide masking tape to the jar. Then draw a heart shape with a pen or marker on the tape.
2. Use a knife to cut along the heart then peel the outer tape off the jar, leaving the heart shape on the jar.
3. Spray paint the whole jar and allow to completely dry. After it is dry, carefully peel the heart away, leaving a see-through heart on the glass jar.
4. Fill the jar with candies and secure the lid.
5. Cut a square or circular shape out of the printed material and place it in the lid area, hanging over the jar rim. Trim as desired.
*Optional- Use red and white twine to secure a tag around the rim of the lid.

Lil’ Jars of ‘Raised’ Love


These lil’ jars are the perfect rainy day project for you and your lil’ ones to create. You can prepare them ahead of time and then have your child pass them out to his or her classmates during their Valentine’s party.

Materials Needed:
Baby food jars (or any other small jars)
Red paint and brush
Hot glue gun and sticks

How To:
1. Be sure to wash and dry your baby food jar well.
2. Lay some old newspaper down on work area.
3. Use the hot glue gun to create a heart, XOXO or other Valentine design. Don’t worry if you don’t get the shape right the first few times. Simply allow the hot glue to dry completely, then peel it off and start again.
WARNING: Please assist children with the hot glue as this can become very hot and burn a child.
4. After the hot glue is completely dried, use the brush to apply 2-3 coats of paint to cover entire jar and hot glue design.
5. Fill jars with candy.

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