How To Make A River Pebble Bath Mat


Making your own River Pebble Bath Mat is a unique way of bringing the look of a rustic, natural decor into your home. River pebbles are varied in shapes and colors; yet, maintain the smooth texture for a comfy feel. The earthly tone meshes well with any other style or decor. It is a fantastic alternative to the usual, plush color coordinated bath mats. Not only that, river pebble mats are just as absorbent as regular mats and they are sturdy too. River pebble mats are inexpensive and easy to make. Guess what? You can get most of the materials to make this bath mat from your local dollar store. If you’re looking to use this idea in the kitchen, you’re in luck! This awesome DIY project is versatile! You can create river pebble cooling racks, coasters, place mats and more.

What You Need:
1/4 inch corkboard or rubber mat
Small to medium size river rocks (you can get these at any craft store and most dollar stores)
Utility knife
Craft glue or extra strength adhesive

How To:
1. Use the utility knife to cut your corkboard or rubber mat to the desired shape and size. You can use a large baking sheet and trace a rectangle, if needed.
2. Lay newspaper down on your work area and place the mat in the center of the work area.
3. Starting from the center of the mat, apply some glue and position 4-5 river pebbles with the smoothest sides facing up and slightly touching. See sample sketch below.


Continue to work your way to the edges of the mat by repeating this step. While placing new pebbles, try to not shift already placed pebbles. Also, be sure not to apply a large area of glue or else it will dry before positioning the pebbles.
4. Allow mat to dry overnight. Do not attempt to move the mat prior to drying because the stones may become dislodged.


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