DIY Outdoor Pallet Patio Furniture

Re-doing your outside patio furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, making your own patio furniture can be cheap, easy and durable when you make it with some wooden pallets. You can get pallets at a lumber yard, pallet company or even ask a local retail store. They often discard their unwanted pallets out back. Then all you need is some hardware, a sander, paint and cushions. These DIY pallet patio furniture are very resilient to harsh weather conditions but can also be used indoors as well. The pallet sofas are very versatile, depending on how you decorate and situate them. They can be made into small sofas, sectionals, L-shape, and even C-shape. They can be made with or without back support. Look out below for some creative and cool ideas that will make you want to get up off your comfy couch and design your own pallet furniture.

Step 1: Plan Your Floor Plan
The first thing you will want to do is lay out a floor plan so you know how many pallets you will need to build your sofa. Keep in mind that you will want to stack 2 pallets high for a desired height. (See a sample floor plan below…Don’t get scared! You can make it as big or as small as you like.)


Step 2: Sand Your Furniture
You do not need to be an expert at sanding. You simply need to sand the top layers of wood where the cushions will rest as well as the sides and front (where your body may touch). You could use sand paper but boy would that be a long process! Instead, use an inexpensive sander and ask your local hardware store what grain of sandpaper is best for pallets. Look how simple; yet, nice this looks!


Step 3: Paint Your Pallet
Get creative but be thorough! A good paint job is needed to keep the furniture in great shape. Allow the paint to dry before putting your sofa together. Check out these stools or coffee stands! They really make this patio furniture come alive!


Step 4: The Hardware
-When designing a backless patio couch you may want to use about 3 or 4 flat brackets and screws to bind the two pallets together in the back (where nobody will see them).
-When designing a sofa with a back, use some L-Shape brackets to support the back pallet.


Step 5: The Cushions
Decorate your sofa with whatever large cushions and pillows you have or you could make your own.


A small twin size mattress works great if you have an extra one. Check out how they used this vibrant material to create an indoor daybed.


Check out this dream patio ensemble. Now someone is just showing off!


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