How to Dry Firewood


How to Dry Firewood

Weather you cut your own or order it from your local farm, you need to dry your moist fire wood and that task is going to require just a little bit of research. Taking all things into consideration there is the grand, efficient and feasible method of air drying your wood and some special tricks to getting your wood dry.


When drying your wood placement does matter. Picking out a location that gets sunlight a plus however you I would always forgo a place with sunlight versus a enclosed location. Keeping your wood away from contamination and obviously moisture is going to decrease drying time.


Air flow is a huge factor in drying firewood. Keeping your the air around your firewood circulated can move around is a factor. Also make sure that you’re placing your firewood sticks  in such a way that they’re a good 3 feet apart. Doing this will increase airflow and decrease the drying time by about 30%. It’s something so trivial but it really does make the difference.


Surprise! Elevation will cut down on drying time as well! When you elevate your fire wood, you’re keeping it away from ground moisture and other contaminants that could be on the ground. This will prevent your wood from getting moldy looking or smelling musty and rotten.

Spread the word about how to dry firewood and help a prepper or homesteader out there. I feel like we’re all obligated to each other the right to free education. Even when it’s something minimalist like this. Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting guys! Remember to Think, Plan, Craft

How to Dry Firewood

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