10 Signs That You Have A Foundation Problem

foundation problem

10 Signs You Have A Foundation Problem

While taking a walk around town the other day I saw this Shopko that looked really tired and old. It looked like it was in serious need of a face lift, but what do I know I’m not a contractor right? Well I walked around towards the back of the building to get to the bike path behind it and I noticed that the foundation was cracking and sloping all over. I told my buddy Mark “I’m no contractor, but I think this building has serious foundation problems.”

Harbor Freight Tools - Save 25% to 50% Off! This inspired me to do some research and rush this over to you guys because you could have foundation problems right now and not even realize it. I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that people don’t even realize that they have a foundation problem before it’s to late. I’m going to just generally go over 10 of those signs right now.

#1 Uneven or Sloping Floors

This sign is very self explanatory and I feel needs little description. However, if you can see that your floor sinks in a little bit or looks to be uneven, this could be a big sign that you have foundation problems.

#2 Cracks in Interior and Exterior Brick

Does your brick look cracked, discolored, maybe even shifted a little bit? This is because:


  1.  Exterior cracking on this house has split the brick (top center) as well as mortar.
  2.  Stair stepped cracks in mortar between bricks. Note signs of previous cosmetic repair.
  3.  Close up of mortar cracks between brick located over a window frame.
  4.  Stair-stepped cracks have rendered this wall unstable.
  5.  Unstable soil has caused stair-stepped cracks on this brick wall.
  6.  A large crack in an exterior brick wall caused by soil contraction.

#3 Displaced or Cracked Molding

This is when paying attention to detail really pays off. While cleaning I noticed this sign in my basement. Take a look around, do you have any molding that is cracking or out of place? This is because of your house shifting and you need to get your foundation checked up on by a licensed contractor.


  1.  Crown molding separation.
  2. Cracked corner molding.
  3. A crack running up the wall through the molding into the ceiling.
  4. Close up of cracked crown molding.

#4 Wall Rotation

Many homeowners may feel when they find the walls of their house curving. Wall rotation can be subtle; a wall may slowly curve away from trim or a door jam.People usually think that this is just the house aginag but this type of situation is most likely a type of foundation problem.

#5 Cracks In Walls or Bows in Walls

Some signs of cracks in walls or bows in wall may be:

  1. Wallpaper border is torn due to cracking in painted paneling. Note wall and ceiling separation at top of picture.
  2. Vertical crack in sheet rock.
  3. A prominent wall crack running between the door and the ceiling.
  4. Large crack in a wall from foundation movement.

#6 Cracks In Floors Tiles or Foundation

Cracking in your tiles and floor is a definite sign of foundation change in your home. Most homeowners think it’s just from the house shifting or settling and to an extent this is true but it’s also from this natural occurrence that we get foundation problems in the first place

 #7 Doors and Windows Wont Open or Close Properly

Sometimes it could be the door or windows swelling and they’re just in need of some decent plane. This also can be a sign that your foundation is starting to go and now that I think about it, I do have some wall rotation and quite a few doors and windows that wont open or close. I think I’m doomed at this point.

#8 Separation of Doors Windows and Garages

Take a decent look around your window frames and doors. Is the brick starting to separate from them?

#9 Spaces Between Wall and Ceiling or Floor

Using a ruler check to see if your ceiling is spaced from the wall or floor. This s a big sign that your foundation is starting to go. It could be something minor or something serious so get it checked out ASAP.

#10 Walls Separating From House

I shouldn’t have to go into much detail with this one, but if your house is breaking down and the exterior wall is pulled away from your home, you may have a serious foundation problem.

I hope you guys use this as a quick reference to what you’re trying to get done. Make sure you guys go back to our friends over at http://www.superiorfoundationrepair.com/. Literally all of my information came from there so this article post is more theirs because I found a wealth of information from them. Also Don’t forget to check out the Harbor Freight Clearance Sale: Save Up to 80% Off

10 Signs That Say Your House Has A Foundation Problem

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