How To Make Your Own Hot Tub

make your own hot tub

Let’s get something straight first: when you’re trying to make your own hot tub, it’s going to be a challenging task and things are going to be difficult, lets not kid ourselves as we’re going to need a lot of TPC to get this craft done. You’re going to have to do a ton of research and you have to be able to follow instructions down to the T. I will post a link where you can find the instructions on how to make your own hot tub, but before I do that, let’s break this diy down.

It’s cold outside now and people are looking to warm up without having to spend a $6000.00 on a luxurious hot tub. In my mind it makes more sense to make your own hot tub right? Well that’s the idea in this diy. The mechanics are simple, buy a submersible stove so you can start a fire that will in turn heat up the water. You can buy a submersible stove for about $750.00.

You’re going to have to have to dig a hold in the desired shape to make your own hot tub and then line the bottom with plastic and on top of that plastic you’re going to need to use insulating foam which you can purchase at any home-improvement store. When it comes to laying down concrete for your hot tub make sure to get a professional that can give you an estimate on how much you’re going to need. Once you make your own hot tub it will run completely off the grid as it uses wood to heat it up. Like I said I’ll be posting the real instructions below for you guys to do some real research on this project. Have fun and don’t forget to TPC!

How To Make Your Own Hot Tub

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