Glowing Bounce Balls DIY

glowing bounce balls diy

Never be bored in the dark again!

This is a fun craft to try on the weekend with your kids, I recommend breaking out some news paper because it’s going to get really messy and really fun.

I always remembered doing crafts with my mom but we never did anything as cool as this!
This is something you and your kids will cherish and can be passed down so that one day your children’s children will be making glowing bounce balls, so let’s take time out of our busy schedules and spend a moment with our kids this weekend and teach them the value of crafting together.

You’ll need corn starch, borax and warm water for the ball.

You’ll need Glow in the Dark Paint (or fluorescent paint) and glue, for the – er – paint and glue! If you use glow in the dark glue – you’ve found an all in one option!

Click the link below to be directed to this DIY.

Glowing Bounce Balls DIY

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