DIY Glitter Ornament : Handmade craft for Christmas

PledgeIf you are looking for some unique ornaments, you will need some unique products. In this case, pledge floor finish (blue cap) and glitter will be your friends. I think Seth and I may need to find some Clear Glass Ornaments just to make some of our own!

You will need:
Clear Glass Ornaments
Pledge Floor Care (Blue Cap)
Large Bottle of Glitter


Even though the pictures seem fairly explanatory, I will explain them anyway.
1. Remove the cap of the ornament. Add enough of the Pledge Floor Care to the inside of the ornament to coat it evenly. Rotate the ornament until you have your ‘glue’ covering every area possible.
2. Add the glitter. It is easiest to get it in the ornament by either using a funnel or a piece of paper rolled up to form a funnel. This will prevent a mess.
3. Rotate the glitter throughout the ornament just as you did for the Pledge. Make sure your glitter is evenly covering your ornament by continually rotating and adding more glitter if need be.
4. Dump the excess glitter onto a disposable scrap of paper or back into your glitter container.
5. Replace the cap and hang it up!



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